selling a house
25 May

Why Sellers Love All Cash Offers

A seller is charged with a great many tasks when it comes to selling their home. Sellers need to find out the best price for their home before they put it on the marker A seller also needs to know what kind of market they are facing before they make the decision to sell their Birmingham, Alabama home. Sellers also need to think closely about what they plan to do once their house is sold. All of these plans can take a lot of time, money, and effort to bring to fruition.

Enter the Cash Offer

buying houseGiven how much trouble it is to sell any Birmingham, Alabama home, it is no wonder that so many sellers are pleased when fielding an all-cash offer. When selling a home in many other instances, the seller has to pay a real estate agent. Doing so can eat in a considerable amount of the money they hope to earn from the sale of the property. The all-cash offer means the seller does not have to pay that fee or may only have to pay a small finder’s fee rather the standard six percent broker’s fees. This can save them a considerable amount of money and lead to a higher profit.

Less Likely to Cancel

The standard home selling method in Birmingham involves a great many people. There’s someone who comes along from the mortgage company as well as an appraiser and then a real estate agent and perhaps a lawyer to seal the entire deal. All of these people cost money. The use of an all-cash offer means far fewer people are involved in any given real estate transaction. That means there are far fewer people expecting to get funds from the seller once the house is finally sold.

Little Details

property for cashWhen buyers apply for a mortgage, all kinds of little details that aren’t relevant may come into play. These minor matters can get in the way of buyer’s ability to purchase the house. The process of buying a home with all cash means that the buyer and seller can come to a much quicker agreement. Each party only has to adhere to certain conditions in order for the property to change hands at the agreed-upon price. The process of buying that home is thus a lot smoother and a lot easier for all involved.